Hi, I'm FX. U?

At hiimfxu, our inspirations are drawn from the heritage of the (H)Mong people. Their journey, stories and love are reflected in each of our artisanal products. We are proud to continue their unique traditions and crafts and to reinterpret them for a contemporary audience. We believe that by remembering ones distinctive identity, one can truly understand and appreciate others. For this reason, we share our story with you in hopes that you will share yours with us.

The (H)Mong are a nomadic hilltribe and their immigration as refugees from Laos to the United States was an unexpected one. Throughout their history, their ability to remain loyal to their heritage while adapting to their surroundings has been one of their greatest strengths. The journey to the west has been no exception, and as before, adaptation has been a huge factor in the success of the (H)Mong in America. The community is ever changing and evolving. At hiimfxu, we are a reflection of that evolution.

hiimfxu is (H)Mong own and operated and based in Astoria, Queens, New York City.